About Us

E-WE is your go to rental service for your daily commuting needs. Now rent a E-WE electric bike & enjoy your ride with zero investment, zero maintenance and zero insurance cost.

about EWE

Zero Investment Cost

Now Rent an E-WE Electric Bike and live a carefree life. Forget the hassles of spending thousands on buying a vehicle, its insurance, maintenance, and fuel costs.

Zero Maintenance

We save you from petty hassles of looking after the bike maintenance by taking care of it ourselves, so that you can fully focus on increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Zero Pollution

We aim to empower better urban living by setting the world in motion. An electric bike rental service that is designed to drive an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation.

Zero Wastage of Time

Now recharge your bike's battery conveniently at your home, without wasting any time in ques at petrol pumps.

Rent E-WE Electric Bike and ride with pride.

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E-WE electric bikes are best suited for following people

Daily commuters

Daily commuters

Ride in style with EWE. E-WE is a great solution for daily commuters who are using public transport and for some reasons want to avoid owning a petrol vehicle. E-WE vehicles look smart, cost much lesser and you not only save money but also save earth from the perils of air and noise pollution. Now no need to wait endlessly for the next bus and stand in crammed metro for hours, just rent E-WE and ride with pride.



Electric bikes are hip and cool and E-WE is an ideal electric bike solution for students. When everyone in college is riding a regular bike, you breeze through them on an smart looking E-WE electric bike and steal the show. E-WE helps you save money in ownership cost, petrol cost and maintenance cost. The also let you make an amazing impression on your friends because you are saving the earth. So why wait ? Go for E-WE.

Delivery Boys & Campuses

Delivery Boys & Campuses

E-WE is a great solution for delivery personnel of various platforms like Amazon, Zomato & others. It helps them save money in petrol & bike maintenance. Since E-WE is a rental solution hence you don’t need to buy it or pay EMIs. The riding is very economical and with the battery swapping facility within every 5 KM of Delhi NCR, you can be rest assured of not getting stuck anywhere. Now rent a EWE and deliver joy without burning a hole in your pocket because money saved is money earned. Shift to E-WE now!

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  • Address: C-66, C-Block, Sector-2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201301
  • Email ID: info@ewemobility.com
  • Contact: +91 9313778039, +91 7093627555